Cor Voet the Company

Who are we?

Cor Voet is a real family business. The company initially started as Pluimveehouderij Jb. Voet (Jb. Voet Poultry Farm) (see photo on the left). Around the year 1982, Cor Voet made the step to a game and poultry processing plant and changed the name. These days, Cor Voet formally acts a consultant to the company and is still present every day – preferably wearing his white coat, according to the man himself, because of the amount of time he spends in production. This is characteristic of the person who turned a small-scale poultry company into an internationally renowned producer of chicken, game & poultry products. His knowledge of the sector and his creativity is still used for the development of the production process.

Ronald and Johan Voet are the company’s current directors. Every day, more than 45 employees are committed to providing you with an outstanding, honest, high-quality product that is guaranteed to be safe for consumption. Our dynamic teamwork, capitalising on the market and solving customer-specific questions from the market, ensure you always get the right product solutions.