Feathered Game

Feathered game

Game birds are wild birds that are suitable for consumption. Game birds come in 3 groups:

  • Waterfowl (wild ducks such as eurasian wigeon, decoy duck, shoveller and teal)
  • Small game (dove, pheasant, partridge)
  • Damaging Game (goose)

During the hunting season in the Netherlands, we have a constant supply of fresh game birds. Providing a high-quality selection is very important to us. We arrange the whole process of plucking, cleaning, processing, portioning and packaging in our facility in Oostzaan. This ensures we can deliver a food-safe product that has been managed throughout the chain.

Our purchase, production and sales departments ensure that frozen game birds remain available outside the Dutch hunting season. You can find our product range at the bottom of this page in the General Terms and Conditions & Price List. Do you have any questions? You can reach us at: +31 75 684 1375